40 years of Power Supply PS 3000


The latest generation
40 years ago, we brought our laboratory power supply in the PS 3000 series to market for the first time. Since then the demands on power supply have grown enormously. The changes in our device series show how our customers themselves have helped drive the development. Today, the PS 3000 C is equipped with a micro controller, numerous protection settings and interfaces as well as a 5.2” TFT display and is therefore suitable for many more applications than its predecessor.

The development of the power supply series PS 3000 provides simple, functional devices for switching in laboratories or universities with stepless, adjustable current control as well as devices with a flexible output stage and wide input range and up to power supplies with inbuilt micro controller. Thanks to the digital connectivity, the PS 3000 C can, with its good cost-benefit relation, be used in automated industrial application.

Nine Units in three performance classes
Today, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions are sought. A single bench top device from the PS3000 C series can replace several machines with differing voltage and current classes. We offer nine devices in 3 performance classes: 160W, 320W and 640W with output voltages of 0 to 40V, 0 to 80V and 0 to 200V and current of 0 to 2A and 0 to 40A. All devices have a performance regulated output stage.

User oriented construction
In addition, the bench top units are constructed in a user-friendly way: a carrying handle can be pulled out and set at an angle so that the display is easily readable. The colour 5.2” LCD display show target and actual values and status notifications in high definition. The devices can be operated directly at the workplace using six keys and two knobs. The menu is available in various languages.

Wide range input
All over the world the devices are employed because of the wide input range of 90V to 250V without derating. With the aid of a screened housing concept and various filters, the devices in the PS 3000 C series guarantee clean output voltages and currents with minimal ripple and low radiation (EMV)

Extendable interfaces
The laboratory power supplies can be extended with various interfaces via a Plug & Play slot, whether it be with a digital interface such as USB or Ethernet, which can be controlled though SCPI or Modbus, or with an analogue interface. All interfaces, as well as the operating panel, are galvanically isolated from the input. Furthermore, the devices are protected against overheating, overvoltage, excess current or power.