Control all devices quickly and easily with EA Power Control software


Using EA Power Control software, you can monitor and remotely control multiple EA power supplies and electronic loads from the new generation 5000 and 6000 series, whether identical or differing models. The individual functions of the control software can be called up simply and quickly from free or licensed applications. Central control is made via the app “Terminal”: up to ten devices can be managed in individual windows.

The app “Multi Control” offers additional benefits: with this feature, up to 20 devices can be managed in one terminal window. All the selected devices are shown and directly actuated in the main window. In the “Multi Control” app you can see the current values of various devices and set the target and protection values.  Thus you save the back and forth switching between the individual terminal windows and maintain everything in view in one opened window!

The control software is currently available for power supplies and electronic loads in the PS 9000 1U/ 2U/ 3U, PSI 9000 2U-24U, PS 9000 T, PSI 9000 T, PSI 9000 DT, PSE 9000, EL 9000, EL 9000 B, EL 9000 B HP, EL 9000 B 2Q, ELR 9000, EL 9000 T and DT as well as PS and PSI 5000, ELM 5000 and EL 3000 B series.

Overview of the apps and features


  • The control centre Terminal
    - Monitor and control up to 10 devices in separate terminal windows
    - Read the current values (U, I, P, R)
    - Set the target values (U, I, P, R) and protection settings
    - Send SCPI and ModBus commands

  • The Settings app
    - Change settings (depending on the device)
    - Master-Slave configuration

  • The Sequencing & Logging function
    - Load and start sequences
    - Logging: start recording and export

  • Direct actuation with the Multi-Control app 
    - Manage up to 20 devices in one window
    - Function generator and graph

  • The Function Generator
    - Curve functions such as triangle, sine or ramp
    - Battery test function
    - Fuel cell simulation
    - PV tables for emulation of photovoltaic installations
    - MPP-Tracking

  • The Graph
    - Visualisation of actual and target values (U / I / P)
    - Save and export as a picture or CSV file

System reqirements
- Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher
- Operating system Windows 7/8/10
- Compatible device with USB or Ethernet port

Free version of EA Power Control