Laboratory power supplies - DC desk-top laboratory power supplies with low ripple


Power supply on the laboratory bench demands a clean output current and voltage. The new desk-top devices in the PSI 9000 DT and PSI 9000 T series score with minimal ripple and a small interference spectrum. Furthermore, they offer all the functionality that users expect from a modern laboratory power supply.

Wherever a 19” cabinet would be over dimensioned or take too much space, customers look for a smaller table-top, whether in university laboratories or in limited space availability in research and production. Hence laboratory supply units in the desk-top version need better filters and shielded housings to guarantee clean output voltage and current. Therefore, a power supply with a minimal ripple and small interference spectrum is necessary. In addition, high levels of stability and accuracy are indispensable.

Low ripple
The new DC desk-top laboratory power supplies in the PSI 9000 T and DT series are therefore equipped with the newest switching topology and an improved filter concept: an additional output filter improves the quality of the output voltage. A laboratory power supply with a power output of 1500W, an output voltage of 80V and an output current of 60A has a ripple of less than 1mV. Excellent values are obtained in other power classes as well. Additionally, the complete construction is so chosen as to provide interference well under the levels of EN 55022 Class B. Regarding the electromagnetic compatibility (EMV), the devices fulfil all the required values for interference and immunity from EN 61326. The desk-top power supplies are easy to use and are fitted with the necessary interfaces to connect with a variety of computer systems.

Desk-tops as space saving and economic alternatives
These desk-tops possess all the functions that one expects from EA’s innovative laboratory power supplies. In cramped laboratory environments where usually several devices of differing current and voltage classes would be found, the multiple use desk-tops offer a space saving and economic alternative. The PSI 9000 T and DT have available power of 320W up to 1500W, voltage of 40V up to 750V and current up to 60A. The Desk-top housings of the PSI 9000 DT series are fitted with a support and can also be optionally delivered with a 19” adapter. The PSI 9000 T range scores with its slender forma and can be readily incorporated into a laboratory bench. Thus every user can have the exact power supply in the optimum format.