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Help against problems during USB driver installation (IF-U1/2, UTA12)

In case Windows is reporting errors during the driver installation, like a missing file named "ftdiun2k.ini", this is most probably caused by an older driver that hasn't been removed completely. Even if the driver has been removed by the function "Uninstall driver" in the device manager, Windows XP and Vista will keep a driver related *.inf file. This file is considered as valid for the installation of the new hardware. But the INF file also tries to install driver files that may not be found.

Either perform the below steps directly during the driver installation or open the Windows device manager, select the USB device 'USB Serial Converter' under "USB controller" or under "Other devices", right-click and chose "Update driver":
(Screenshots are from german Windows, but also apply to different languages)

Then follow the below Windows dialogues. In the first window, select the lowermost option, thus Windows does not automatically searches and installs the driver.

The same thing again in the following window. Do not let Windows search!

Windows will then show a list of hardware it already knows or that is classified as compatible.

Use button equivalent to "Datenträger", following dialogue should show up:

In this dialogue, use button "Search" and go to the folder of the new driver. In case several files of type *.inf are listed, select any of them and confirm.

If there are still error messages popping up, like "File xy not found" while the driver is being installed, the file xy may already be present, but the driver installation script does not "know" where. You just need to point it to the location, which will be most likely any of these:

c:\windows\system32\drivers  (if a *.sys file is not found)
c:\windows\system32              (for any other file type)