Creating technology

From the lower rhine river to the world

Design, specification and technical development of our power supplies and systems are exclusively done in our works in Viersen, Germany. The technological advantage created by intensive R&D is timely integrated into our final products. In this sense, it has been EA-Elektro-Automatik to implement a flexible output (auto-ranging characteristic) into laboratory power supplies, defining again its role as pioneer in new-technology adoption.

Creating technology also means creating highly flexible production processes. Owing to these efficient processes, EA is able to respond in a most flexible and timely manner to custom-specific requirements, with timely response being a crucial requirement taking into account the steadily accelerating R&D cycles of new products and systems. We guarantee fast reaction to customers' needs, specifically when subject to high urgency.

Overview EA-Products

Tech Special


* Flexible Output Power Stage

* Always max. power availability

* Serves a larger number of EUTs

* Up to 3 times higher power

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Tech Special


* Substantially cost saving
* Efficiency up to 95%
* Fast amortisation

* Ecologically friendly

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