Important historical milestones of EA-Elektro-Automatik


Production of linear-technology power supplies for hobby,
industry and radio communication (CB, HAM).


Relocation and new site construction in Viersen, at Helmholtzstrasse with 2,000 sqm of floor space.
Product range: Laboratory power supplies, inverters, battery chargers.


Enlargement of production site (hall 2) at Helmholtzstrasse in Viersen.
Company product innovation: Primary switched-mode laboratory power supplies.


High-voltage laboratory power supplies with resonant-converter topology
and active power-factor correction (PFC).
Initiation of production co-operation in the PR China.


2kW electronic load with energy recovery (mains feed-back).
World innovation!


Enlargement of production site (hall 3) at Helmholtzstrasse to 10,000 sqm.
Telecommunication market, foundation of EAC (Elektro-Automatik-Convertronic)
48 DC UPS for transmitter antennas, beam radio, GSM, UMTS.


Switched-mode inverter 2500W.


Outdoor backup DC UPS systems for GSM and beam radio.


19“ industrial and euro-cassette primary switched mode power supplies.


Power supplies for telecommunication with remote surveillance.


Dual-stage high-power resonant converter power supply with economy controller


Primary switched-mode laboratory power-supply range 160W, 320W and 640W
with 0...16V, 0...32V, 0.. 65 V and  0...150V.


New generation of laboratory power-supply series with auto-ranging output (world innovation!), 1.5kW to 9kW, 0…80V to 0…300V.


Micro–processor based controller for all laboratory power supplies as from 640W.


Foundation of EA-Elektro-Automatik (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
High-power laboratory- and industrial power-supplies with active PFC, resonant converter topology and auto-ranging output up to 150kW.

Electronic loads with recovery function (mains feed-back) up to 105kW.

All EA power-supplies as from 1kW available with touch panel control.


EA on fair in India
Hall 4, Booth EI71

26. - 28. September 2018
Bangalore, India 

EA on fair in Munich
Hall A2

13. - 16. November 2018
Munich, Germany



New series

EL 3000 B

Electronic load
400 W / Desktop chassis
USB, Analogue, Ethernet / TFT panel

New series

ELR 9000 HP 3U

Electronic load with energy recovery
5000-15000 W / 19"-chassis, 3U
USB, Analogue, etc. / TFT Touch panel

New series

PSB 9000 3U

Bi-directional laboratory power supply
5000-15000 W / 19"chassis
USB, Analogue, etc. / TFT Touch panel


New series

PSI 9000 DT

Laboratory power supplies
320 - 1.500W / Desktop housing
USB/Analogue/LAN / TFT Touch panel


New series

PSI 9000 15U-24U

Power Racks
30 kW - 90 kW, 19“ cabinet
ready to use, TFT Touch panel


New series

PS 9000 T

Laboratory power supplies
320 - 1.500 W / Tower housing
USB, Ethernet, Analogue/TFT Touch panel


New series

EL 9000 B HP 2U

Electronic loads
600 - 2.400W / 19“ chassis, 2U
USB-plug´n play / TFT Touch panel